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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
Be wise. Taking away your freedom to buy and sell is an end of times event described in the Book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ, Chapter Thirteen in the Bible. It signifies His soon return!
March, 2021

The Shocking Truth

The United States is Bankrupt.
Nobody is occupying the White House.
Deep underground tunnels under Washington DC are home to witchcraft and pedophilia.
An actor, wearing a Hollywood style rubber mask, is playing the part of "President Joe Biden."
The Romans have returned to world power in the guise of a church according to the prophet Daniel.
All elections in the world today are being stolen under the authority of the Vatican.
Congress, under bribes and coercion changed, the US into a corporation in 1871.
The constitutional US ceased to exist.
Corporate ownership of the United States is located in the City of London.
The City of London is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Vatican of Rome.
Standard language of law is Latin.
It‘s well known that the press is paid to lie on bahalf of the Nazis who run the world.
Cry all you want, we have to stand up and take it back.
Yeshua said, “Come out of her my people” (Babylon).
Pray. Who are you going to serve?

Spread Spectrum

There's no important news for today, a Tuesday. It always seemed that news reporting ceased at 3PM on Friday and resumed at 4AM Monday morning. That's not even reliable anymore.
What is the news business for? Well, to generate a lot of income to be handed to the corporate owner. That requires tapering the News to the corporate agenda. There's a principle in the Bible that many of the prophecies and the wisdom that surrounds them come in the form of spread spectrum comunication. This was invented in WWII by Actress Hedy Lamar. Move frequencies of transmit and receive around the dial quickly so
that nobody could tune into it and listen to an intelligible message or even jam it. Frequency Hopping. It worked great. It is still extensively used today. To protect scripture from being jammed for instance, the Bible uses a spread spectrum technique.
And the word of the Lord will be to them precept upon precept, precept upon precept, line upon line, line upon line, here a little, there a little, that they may go, and fall backward, and be broken, and snared, and taken. Isaiah 28:13.
In the world of the News Media, the goal IS to jam truthful and revealing news. Today they are doing a good job of it.
Are You Standing On Quick Sand?
Can you imagine a crazier time than this? 0.03% of the world die of an unprecedented covid 19 virus from China and then we learn that it was actually less than a normal flu season of around 0.1%. But the scare tactics and the political control is still in place.
Not just wearing a surgical mask but the threat of losing your buying and selling rights if you don't take a vaccine that is unproven with many rumors of injuries and too many related deaths. Don't take it… starve, as most stores will be forced by their financial controllers to deny you service.
For some reason, and I think for the ability to sneak up on us, they are soft pedaling the injectable digital microchip certificate. Maybe the computer system of 8 billion of database entries for people and another 100 billion for the
internet of things is still being built.
So it's the vaccine passport that you will have to carry 24/7 and each store will need to hire door checkers and police will need to be on the alert for fraud. When the people can be replaced by technology and when chip readers are installed everywhere, watch out! Then they will force the change to the mandatory microchip.
You have bowed to a fake virus with a not so hidden agenda to connect you to a computer for control of your renovated by vaccine Human 2.0 body. Your only choice will be where to put it. In the right hand or the right forehead. It's called the Mark of the Beast and you can learn about it in the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ chapter 13. We were warned nearly 2000 years ago.

The Fog of War
To my friends and readers, I have been away. It has been a good time to sort out the many significant events that were publicized and may or may not have been true, current or described in the way it happened. Well, the famous quote of US Senator Hiram Warren Johnson, “The first casualty when war comes is truth”, applies here. The opinions of many news makers on the internet were mostly not correct even though they were being picked off akin to the work of a rooftop sniper that had the corrupt names, Google, You Tube, Twitter and Facebook stenciled on the back of it's white collar shirt.
I always seek to square news and opinion with a good understanding of the Bible. But even here, the corruption is extremely high. New modern scholarly advances in popular bible translation and interpretation have seemingly moved us backwards and away from faith and God. Are there reliable scripture commentators? In fact, we live in a time that has more Bible prophecy attached to it but little understanding of it among those, our teachers, who earned a PhD in the Bible can understand. I think we should listen to modern prophets like Lois Vogel Sharp, Mark Taylor and Dana Coverstone. They always track back to the Gospel. And modern interpretation only as God directs.
When their prophecies didn't come true according to my time table by inauguration day, I was disappointed. Jonah finally got to Nineveh and preached in the streets and the city repented. It didn't negate the prophecy which came true some 400 years later. Jonah was not specifically confident with the process
but God was and is in command. So how much time do we have for Donald J. Trump to resume his Presidency? Hopefully before the Great Tribulation ends. It will take brave men like him to lead the nation back to a constitutional republic.
And that's what popped up during my hiatus. We're fighting a war against Babylonian corporate conquerors with whom we serve as slaves. Yes they tossed the constitution aside to take us on a slow ride to their ideal philosophy of slave holder government, communism. And they have done so with much skill and murderous compromise. We just didn't see it and were lulled asleep by these Babylonian conspirators.
Jesus said "come out of her, my People", referring to Babylon which is Satan's favorite form of Government. And there's an urgency. Yeshua is coming to dispossess the Devil and all of his accomplices from the land. We are living in that generation.
Do you want proof? Historical and Biblical proof. You need look no further, as I have included above the eminent Dr. Walter Vieth, a PhD in biology and skilled in rightly dividing the word of truth to show us who the enemy is using history, the Bible and the outcome of this centuries old conflict. If you treat this like a Berean Jew, you will be richly rewarded with biblical knowledge that will give you a moral compass, and lead you to the word, the lamp guiding you by shining on your path. Just remember, the way is narrow. Not everybody who says "Lord. Lord" will be accepted into the Kingdom.
Be careful, the stakes are high!
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