March, 2023
What Is The Lake Of Fire?

Every once in a while when I tell somebody about Jesus, somebody will claim the superiority of science. They will say that God is a fable. They will think that I am stupid along with all imagers of a non-existent God.

Many go as far as to believe that they create their reality as taught in the New Age movement. This is the movement that if we work hard enough we can control our goodness into eternity. It's balderdash.

In the Bible, in the book of Colossians, is the Truth about our Creator.

The author states that Jesus holds all things together. That's an amazing statement. When that was written, the Atom was unknown. The Atom. The basic building block of all things with a mysterious weak nuclear force and a strong nuclear force.

It was theorized and then it was proven true by eminent physicists that splitting the Atom would release these forces generating immense power, fire and heat. It was weaponized to become a nuclear explosion. So typical for science to make such a discovery and then turn it over to the military to threaten and harm people. But it is only possible to split atoms that were part of unstable molecules like plutonium. Such is the power of the two nuclear forces.

We all know that Jesus loves us because the Bible tells us so.

Some of us have accepted that and we have given our lives to Jesus in love, in return for the unyielding Love of God that is prominent in a believers life.

The majority of people sadly want nothing to do with their Creator. They are their own God. What's the alternative? There is no alternative. When you die and stand before the judgement seat without mercy, you will be so unmercifully uncomfortable in his Holy Presence that you will suffer in total fear. Then it's off to the “Lake of fire”. The end that never ends.

So let's put this in scientific language. You have to consider one very important thing. If Jesus holds you together, what happens if he ceases to hold you together? The weak nuclear force and the strong nuclear force are withdrawn! Now you disintigrate at the atomic level creating tremendous heat and fire but you are not destroyed and you do not explode. Your Atoms generate heat and fire. It's not a furnace, it's the result of your rejection of God and He sadly accepts your decision and let's go of you.

Jesus is the most rejected man in the universe. Is He mad at you? Heavens no! The saddest day of His life will be when he turns away from you in accordance to your desire to reject of Him. You had your chance to ask for mercy before you died the first death.

You are now in a bonfire that never quits burning with it's smoke rising forever while you suffer an unquenchable thirst.

I wrote this for the scientists in the crowd. The evolutionists who deny the life creating power of God and who believe that we evolved from nothing thereby out of nothing came man.

However, this is not a savory way to introduce you to God. To encourage you to repent of your sins. No. Not fear! Jesus was sent by our Father in Heaven to love us... to heal us... to tell us the good news so that we can be saved from the fate of an eternity seperated from God. A restored life of peace without greedy money mongers, corrupt politicians and the lies of the serpent. We will be a restored people with the genetic code that was originally given to Adam and Eve (and maybe even better) before the rebel sons of God attacked mankind with a lie back in the Garden of Eden.

Have I made it clear? It's not a religion. It's life. Eternal life. Whichever way you decide to go.

»Source: Gerald Hill; Last Days Watch«
While You're Distracted, USA,
You Are Being Pulled Apart At The Seams
To Exist No Longer.
If you stop and think about it, the USA Corporation is sending all of it's conventional war weapons and "advisors" to Ukraine only to see the lot disappear in coordinated and decisive military action by Russia. Russia has already proven that they can completely dud all electronics in a war machine and several naval ships operating in the Black Sea have had to be towed to a nearby port for an electrical rebuild. Russia also has superior tactics and personnel.

How can this war be anything more than a show to destroy the USA? Both governments, Russia and the USA, work for the satanists behind the World Economic Forum who work for the Khazarian Mafia.

A simple sentence found in The Book of Revelation at chapter 2 verse 9 is an apt description of who is really calling the shots. Go ahead. Look it up.

It's a 'twin spin'. Defeat the USA and it's demoralized military and move the Ukranians out by a mobilization effort to make room for the Khazars to come back to their ancient homeland, Ukraine. Will this become the evil nation Gog and MaGog?

Don't lose sight of the fact that the collective USA has lost its first love of God and now represents a lukewarm people that God finds very distasteful. This Bible verse from Jeremiah tells what's in store for the Good 'ole USA.

»Author: Gerald Hill; Last Days Watch«
Religion vs Science Solved!
How Many Wars Were Started By Religion?
To Be Ended By Science?
Let's say a King has decided that he will fight his neighboring King to get the target nation to pay taxes or give up their more fertile lands and ports. It will be done in the name of religion. “We will win because God is on our side!”

Keep in mind that in general the main purpose of science will be used to finish the war. There will be weight and kinetic calculations for battering rams, parabolic trigonometry for the catapults, chemically salting the harvest soil so that nothing will ever grow there. And so it goes.

Blackmail plays a role and fear (social media science) as well. In the case of the USA, for the entire existence of the nation, there have been external agitators from off shore "urging" that it fight wars for them... the rich and the elite.

Well, well, this is all a warm up because this is leading to the return of the Messiah and a complete obliteration of the satanist forces who are only trying to save their hides from the lake of fire, their future home for eternity. No wonder they are so desperate.

And you, my fellow Americans, have done a very good job of accomodating those who oppose God in this matter. Their last straw is to kill everybody and they are well on their way with the poisoning of the world by syringe, land, water and air.

»Author: Gerald Hill; Last Days Watch«
February, 2023 Archive

Jesus or Babylon

So, you are a store owner and a very bedraggled man is looking through the window obviously dying of hunger. You want to help him. To slip him a box of saltines. After all, he was your first date back in high school. He was so interested in you that he met your family and went to church with you.

Today you are being surveilled by a beacon planted in your forehead. Street cameras are measuring your face to find a match in the database in Antarctica and the 5G out there on the light pole is registering your every move and regulating your emotions.

And you know you will be docked points if you approach him, somebody who is not numbered or registered with the system. But they took those precious points away anyway because that's the way it is. You looked and had a bit of a reminisce.

To get the points back, you will have to go stand in line at precinct headquarters where bureaucrats who speak your language poorly can receive your confession or explanation. Maybe 10% of the time they return your points. You're there because those points control whether your kids eat or not. Life or death.

On this day somebody got closer than 5 feet in the line and mumbled to the person in front of them. All of a sudden they both began to writhe with pain and collapsed dead. Everybody stared at their feet and remeasured their distances and tried hard not to react as they advanced two places in line. The Ninjas will soon come.

Dressed in black Kevlar bullet proof clothing wearing a face mask that only allows anonymity and vision, the Ninjas do come. A black truck pulls up with a cloud of foul smells in tow. Several ninjas begin kicking and rolling the corpses onto a small conveyor belt one at a time. A motor starts up and a grinding like sound is heard. A smoke stack on the top of the truck is exhausting some hot gases with an occasional flame.

Another person 10 or so back in the line stopped to look and was slow to move forward. He too began to writhe and squirm and drop. Ninjas barking orders maneuvered to remove him.

You found your way to the front desk a few hours later but were denied an appeal after consulting with 6 bureaucrats. Another 48 points were deducted for a failed appeal when you presented what they all called a weak argument that wasted everybody's time. You are supposed to know the rules that have never been posted anywhere.

You turn to leave with a bit of a whimper. Suddenly there was a flash and everything went black.

You were last seen by the security cameras being rolled onto a dolly and being wheeled through a black painted door in the back of the room. Everybody went rigid, kept their heads pointing forward and their eyes looking down at their feet.

Your point total is now zero.


This is the hoped for New World Order as envisioned by the Khazarian Mafia. The mistakes being made are by the people expecting justice where no justice exists. They didn't leave Babylon when they were told to in the Bible and they were not covered with immortal protection by the love of their life, the Messiah.

Those that did looked very much like that starving man except that they had Jesus taking care of them. No need to beg.

They ran the race.

They made it to the finish line.

Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us... Hebrews 12:1