September, 2023

"All of World Dysfunction Comes Down to "The Love Of Money is the Root of All Evil." Case in Point - Blackrock."

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The one world government will come out of medical tyranny!

(Lance D Johnson, Natural News) After setting up a medical police state globally, after assisting in the coverup of biolabs and gain-of-function research, after pushing for vaccine passports that segregate, injure, and kill, the World Health Organization (WHO) is now preparing an international treaty that would shut down free speech and government accountability on a global scale. This new treaty would force 194 governments... See the rest of the story at Natural News

The Who meeting to form the one world government.

(Rhoda Wilson, The Exposé) A week ago, a draft text of the Pandemic Treaty was released. The text titled ‘Bureau’s text of the WHO CA+’ was drafted by the Bureau of WHO’s Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (“INB”). Which governments have been negotiating the draft? The World Health Organisation would lead us to believe 194 countries have been involved. But this is misinformation. It would appear none of our governments have been involved. So, who is WHO’s Bureau?... See the rest of the story at The Exposé

Forming the one world government up close.

(Dateline: World Health Organization) Countries of the World Health Organization (WHO) have moved forward negotiations on a global accord on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response, with a view to presenting a draft accord to the World Health Assembly in May 2024. Ending yesterday, discussions on the draft pandemic accord took place during the five-day resumed session of the fifth meeting of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB), which includes WHO’s 194 member countries. Discussions were based on the text prepared by the Bureau of the INB and distributed to all WHO’s Member States in May 2023 (the “Bureau’s text”)...See the rest of the story at The Who Website